Yellowtail-Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

Our Rating:[usr=2.2]
November 1, 2015 

Yellowtail-Bellagio Las Vegas is a Japanese Restaurant and Lounge located in the Bellagio Hotel. The food combines both Japanese cuisine with a Korean essence. We have been to this restaurant twice.  This first time was a nice experience and the second time was not so nice.  We spoke with the manger at Yellowtail before we sat down to talk about our concerns with preparation of the food since they do not offer a gluten free menu.  They said they can accommodate gluten free options and that they take allergies of all kinds seriously. That  made us feel good until we sat down.  We spoke with the server at Yellowtail and explained our allergies to her and she seemed to be well trained with gluten free options.  We ordered a lobster appetizer, sushi rolls and shashimi and we asked for gluten free soy sauce. They brought some to our table.  Our appetizer came and just before we ate they came to the table to stop us because they said the soy sauce was NOT gluten free.  We were appalled as we had just spoke with the manager and server and thought they understood our concerns and needs.  They brought the gluten free soy but it was too close for comfort for us. Had they not gotten back to the table in time we would have had the soy sauce that was NOT gluten free.  They have good food but not that good and not worth the trouble of taking a chance and getting sick.   We would  recommend that if you do want to try this restaurant you need to really keep on them. We will not be going back since we do not feel comfortable that they know what they are doing enough to accommodate food allergies. Our rating is 2.2.


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