Wheat’s End Cafe-Chicago, IL

Our Rating:[usr=7]
June 20, 2017 

Wheat’s End Cafe is a 100% dedicated gluten free restaurant in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago.  They serve a weekday lunch and weekend brunch which includes breads and pastries.  They have signs on the table that say you can’t bring in outside food because it could cause cross contamination since the restaurant is dedicated gluten free.  We love this restaurant!!!!! It is a small and cozy restaurant that feels like home.  There are many things to choose from on the menu that will please any palette.  The entire menu is made from scratch and they use organic ingredients whenever possible and never use artificial ingredients.  We started with the popover which is a light and crispy hollow roll served with regular or vegan honey butter. It’s delicious!!!!  Also, we had the pancakes which are made with coconut milk and are very light and fluffy.  The crispy veggie fritters are a must try.  They are a blend of zucchini, carrots and potatoes.  You can choose from a house-made greek yogurt or white bean hummus.  We paired this with two savory soups.  One was zesty tomato and the other was lentil and served with toasted bread.  Soup is the most difficult thing to get when eating gluten free.  You need to try both!!!!!  They serve breads and pastries from their sister company Wheat’s End Artisan Foods.  There breads are so amazing that you would never know they were  gluten free. Last but certainly not least, we had dessert!  We got their pumpkin and chocolate doughnuts and a great cup of coffee which is from The Bridgeport Coffee Company.  Everything was delicious!!!! What’s even better, is that you can take home frozen goodies such as english muffins, New York style bagels, pizza crusts and mini loaves. You can also special order dinner rolls, french rolls, focaccia rounds, pullman sandwich loafs and challah.  It goes without saying that everyone there understands food allergies.  This is a place you can feel 100%  comfortable when dining.  You must give it a try.  You will definitely go back!  Our rating is a 7.0.






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