Our Rating:[usr=5.6]
August 17, 2015 

Tavern On Rush is an upscale, contemporary steak house.  They offer many different classic American dishes.  They do not have a gluten free menu but they do offer gluten free items.  The servers at Tavern on Rush seems to know about gluten free preparation.  The chef come out at one of our visits because we were not comfortable with the answer given to me by the server.  Another time we were there the server seemed more knowledgeable and she double checked with the chef.  We had the Fresh Spinach Salad and added salmon which was one of the options. The salad comes with baked goat cheese which is NOT gluten free but they can put fresh goat cheese on it.  It also comes with apples, radicchio, candied walnuts which are gluten free, red onions and sun dried tomatoes. The dressing is a warm bacon vinaigrette.  Another time we had their brick oven pizza.  They actually have a gluten free crust that is a normal size, not personal pan.  They do prepare it in a separate area.  It is one of the best gluten free pizzas we have had.  We had the Pizza Anna Bella. It comes with baby arugula, prosciutto, asparagus and manchego cheese. You can also add other items to any pizza if you like.  We added fresh tomatoes and basil.  It has a great taste!!!!!!!!!! Finally a gluten free pizza that you can get in a regular restaurant and it actually tastes great! We highly recommend it.  Tavern on Rush also have gluten free pasta.  It also has a great outdoor seating area.  Even if you sit inside by the bar, there are windows wrapped all around. Tavern on Rush makes a great place for people watching. It is always entertaining. Our rating is 5.6.




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