Sweet Ali’s – Hinsdale, IL

Our Rating:[usr=7]
June 26, 2015 

Sweet Ali’s in Hinsdale, IL is our favorite bakery which is 100% gluten free. Ali Graeme opened the bakery because she has Celiac Disease. She offers the best cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. Ali also offers a variety of her mixes – flour, pancakes, and other mixes. She also offers various food items such as quiche, pizza, and more. She also makes wedding cakes and offers delivery. We love her cupcakes and most recently we had the vanilla cupcake and also enjoy the cupcakes of the week! Her newest item is Key Lime Pie along with some other fun pies. We sampled the Key Lime Pie and it was refreshing! One other interesting fact is that Sweet Ali’s also sells DaLuciano’s Dry Pasta and a few of his prepared frozen dinners. We bought the dry pasta and made it and it was the best gluten free pasta we’ve ever purchased to make at home. Our rating is 7.0.



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