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December 6, 2015 

STK in Las Vegas is located at The Cosmopolitan Hotel.  STK Las Vegas is a modern, chic steakhouse. It is not your typical steakhouse. STK does have a dress code which you do not normally see anymore. STK does not have a gluten free menu but STK is very accommodating.  The Executive Chef, Steven Hopcraft, was at our table as we were being seated.  He went over the entire menu with us and already had gluten free bread being made for us.  It is a great culinary experience with the most tender cuts of steak around and fresh fish. We started with the crispy lobster tails that was gluten free.  They cook them in a separate fryer so there is not cross contamination.  They have green chili aioli, pickled chiles and papaya slaw.  They are the most amazing dish.  You have never had lobster like this before! We had the fresh fish of the day which was sea bass and the medium filet.  You need to check with your server as to which toppings and sauces are gluten free.  For a side dish they made us mushrooms.  The ones on the menu are not gluten free so they modified it for us.  STK is one of our favorite restaurants. The staff checks on you often.  They want to make sure everything is fine.  We felt very comfortable at STK.  We recommend that you make sure the manager and staff know that you have need your food to be gluten free.  Our rating is 6.4



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