Shaw’s Crab House-Chicago

Our Rating:[usr=6.9]
March 13, 2016 

Shaw’s Crab House is a Lettuce Entertain You establishment.  They have a gluten free menu incorporated into their main menu by using dots on the side of the dish.  Shaw’s is two restaurants in one.  It is a seafood restaurant and also an oyster bar.  They both serve fresh fish and fresh shellfish, several varieties of just-shucked oysters and sushi and sashimi combinations. We have had the Griddled Garlic Shrimp with garlic butter and their Grilled New Zealand Ora King Salmon that comes with an aruguala and citrus salad,  candied pecans and orange vinaigrette.  We have also had their house specialty, King Crab Legs which is steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs with drawn butter. Their gluten free side options are Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes, Hash Browns with onions, Creamed Spinach, Sauteed Spinach with garlic and Thumbelina Carrots with garlic and herb butter. They also have a great wine list and one gluten free beer and one gluten free hard cider.  They have a Chef’s Sushi Selection which has two gluten free options.  One of them is Salmon Temari with cream cheese, sour cream, mascarpone, orange and lemon zest and serrano chile.  Another one is Yellowtail Temaki with sesame soy wrapper, shiso, yuzu mayonnaise and scallion. Their oysters are not to be missed.  Their gluten free option is the Oyster Sampler that comes with cocktail sauce and champagne mignonette.  For a warm appetizer they have Oysters Rockefeller.  All their gluten free options are great! We love going to Shaw’s Crab House. We also love the fact that they partner with the Shedd Aquarium to promote healthy oceans and sustainable seafood. All their seafood is subject to weather and fishing conditions.  Our rating is a 6.9.



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