Protein Bar-Chicago

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October 20, 2016 

The Protein Bar is a health-minded local chain for smoothies, salads, burritos, quinoa and more.  It is an upscale fast food restaurant.  Although it is not a gluten free restaurant, they do offer many gluten free foods.  They do prepare the gluten free dishes in a separate area to avoid as much cross-contamination as they can.  We have been in The Protein Bar and they have showed us how they keep the food separated.  The menu shows what foods are gluten free and which ones are not.  We have had The Pesto Scramble for breakfast which consists of scrambled whole eggs or egg whites with spinach, parmesan, pesto and roasted broccoli.  This is a very healthy breakfast considering it is a fast food restaurant.  For lunch,  their chili is a must try.  You can choose from a Chicken Quinoa Chili or a Veggie Quinoa Chili.  We have had both and they are excellent. Perfect for a cold day.  Another good lunch or dinner must try is their Buffalo Quinoa Bowl.  It consists of all-natural chicken, spicy vegan Buffalo sauce, celery, carrots, cucumbers and blue cheese.  All their bowls start with a blend of organic quinoa, flax seed, millet and amaranth.  It really is a protein packed bowl.  Their blended drinks are not to be missed.  Our favorite is the Avo-Matcha Smoothie.  It contains avocado, matcha green tea, raw organic honey, almond milk and vanilla protein. The Founder is Matt Matros.  We love the fact that Matt made a fast food restaurant a very healthy one and more important…..MANY GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS!!!!! Our rating is 7.0.



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