Pizano’s Pizza and Pasta-Chicago

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October 29, 2016 

Pizano’s Pizza and Pasta-Chicago was started by Rudy Malnati, Jr. who’s father, Rudy Malnati, Sr. opened the famous pizzeria Uno in 1943. Pizano’s opened in 1991 and continued the tradition of serving Chicago’s famous deep dish and thin crust pizza.  They offer a variety of gluten free dishes and pizza. Their management are well versed with their gluten free procedure.  They take food allergies very seriously.  They do not have a separate kitchen but they do have a separate area and use clean utensils for all of their gluten free items.  We felt very comfortable ordering as we had talked to the manager before we went there.   We were very impressed with their knowledge, procedures and commitment to making sure all gluten free dishes are done properly.  The gluten free thin crust pizza is AMAZING!!!! The pizza serves one and you can add your favorite gluten free ingredients.  Some of the gluten free ingredients include green pepper, mushrooms, onion, pineapple rings, sliced tomatoes, spinach, jalapenos, hot giardiniera, fresh basil, garlic, cheese, pepperoni, bacon, canadian bacon and sausage.  You can also order an individual gluten free, carb free pizza with a sausage crust and your favorite gluten free toppings.  Our favorite is the thin crust gluten free pizza.  They also offer a few gluten free dishes which include Kiki’s Butternut Squash Ravioli, Kiki’s Cheese Ravioli and Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta topped with meat or marinara sauce.  This is our favorite pizza place and we will continue to keep ordering from them until we eat our way through their gluten free menu. This is a must try!!!!!!!! You will NOT be disappointed. Our rating is a 7.0.





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