P.F. Changs-Lombard, IL

Our Rating:[usr=5.7]
April 3, 2016 

P.F. Changs China Bistro is an Asian Themed casual dining restaurant.  They have a gluten free menu that has many choices.  We have gone to the one in Lombard, IL. We have not had the best experience there.  You would think that since they have a gluten free menu they would be knowledgeable about their allergies. That is a misconception.  You should always check at every restaurant you go to just to make sure they understand your needs.  Our experience was not good because the server that we had. Even though we had told him about our allergy and he had a sister that had celiac, he still managed to not get the order correct.  That goes to show how you really need to be on top of it. They put all their gluten free food on a plate that has a blue rim around it.  Make sure your food comes on a plate with a blue rim but also double check.  Our suggestion as always is to consult with a manager whenever you  order.  This time the plate came without a blue rim and we told him about it and he said that he would take care of it.  Well, he did bring it back with a blue rimmed plate but since we got sick I believe that he just transferred the food to a gluten free plate.  It obviously was not remade since we got sick.  Told the manager and all they could do was apologize and give us a gift card as if we would be back soon????  We had been there before and the food was fine but that taught us to not let our guard down when ordering out at a restaurant.  Now we always consult with a manager or even the chef. It is a shame because if you don’t get sick the food is actually good. Not saying to not go there but definitely be very, very cautious!!!!!!!!  Our rating is 5.7.




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