Ocean Cut-Chicago

Our Rating:[usr=6.5]
August 5, 2016 

Ocean Cut-Chicago is a Seafood and Steakhouse restaurant but the focus of the restaurant is primarily seafood. The restaurant is inspired by the sea-to-table freshness of fine dining restaurants along the mediterranean coast.  Although there is not a gluten free menu, they are able to adapt many of the dishes for you. They are very careful and do have a procedure in which they use and take all allergies very, very seriously.  We spoke to one of the owners, Matt Moore, and he was very accommodating in reassuring us that they would take every precaution necessary.  They do not have a separate kitchen but they do prepare their allergy foods in a separate area with clean utensils that have not been used in other dishes. The servers are very knowledgeable about gluten free foods that are available. We felt comfortable ordering from the server but if ever in doubt ask for a Manager. They have an amazing selection of fresh fish.  You can just walk up and pick out the fish you would like to have for dinner.  It is like being at a fresh fish market in the mediterranean.  For the appetizer we had the Lobsterscargot which had a lobster tail, garlic butter and harvarti. They left out the crostini as it is not gluten free.  It was so good that you will not miss not having the crostini.  It was an amazing appetizer and a must try!!!!! It was our favorite.  We had the Dover Sole which is from Spain.  We actually picked out the one that we wanted from the fish bar.  It is a mild & sweet fish with a firm texture.  It was just as if you fished it out yourself and cooked it.  Also, we had the Branzino from Greece.  It is a delicate and moist fish that also was picked from the fish bar.  They have so many other fish to choose from that you will want to try them all.  We loved our choices.  For our side we had the grilled asparagus.  It was cooked to perfection.  They also have an assortment of steaks for the meat lover in your group. This is a must go to restaurant!!!  Our rating 6.5.




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