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The mission of GLUTENFREEDININGCLUB is to educate the gluten free community about gluten free products and restaurants through our experiences that have gluten free menus or are gluten free friendly. We also hope to be the Gluten Free Ambassadors of Change! If we have a bad experience, we hope to educate and entertain.


1 in 133 Americans have celiac disease. That’s according to the Celiac Foundation and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. As many as 18 million Americans may have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. According to a 2015 Gallup Poll, 1 in 5 Americans try to include gluten free goods in their diet. According to food allergy resistance and education, 4.2 billion is spent on gluten free foods. The gluten free market is exploding at a rapid pace and as a result many restaurants and food companies have quickly jumped on the bandwagon to profitability. For those who suffer from Celiac Disease or are Gluten Intolerant, all this attention can be a good thing.


A celebration for so many new choices are a curse to those who get sick because of the lack of attention to detail. Many are trying to capitalize on the gluten free market by using the words gluten free so liberally as if it is a diet. This trend has sparked a lot of debate. It’s all that so called talk that sparked the idea of the GLUTENFREEDININGCLUB. We started GLUTENFREEDININGCLUB after talking about our experience at restaurants and buying gluten free products.


We have developed our rating systems to rationalize our reviews of the restaurants and foods.

Below is our restaurant rating criteria:

  1. Gluten Free Friendly – Can they modify any of  there dishes to be gluten free if there is no menu and are there a lot of options that can be modified?
  2. Gluten Free Knowledge – Does the server/management have a good understanding of the Gluten Free Allergy & Celiac Disease?
  3. Gluten Free Procedure – Is there a Gluten Free procedure in place and how extensive is it?
  4. Gluten Free Menu – Is there a Gluten Free menu or are Gluten Free items marked clearly on the regular menu?
  5. Gluten Free Options – Are there a lot of Gluten Free options?
  6. Gluten Free Taste – Does the Gluten Free food taste good and are all of the courses good?
  7. Gluten Free Presentation – Is the presentation good  or does the food lack luster in every course?

Below is our food rating criteria:

  1. Easy to find on-line – in a lot of on-line locations
  2. Easy to find in store –  are there many locations
  3. Healthy Ingredients – healthy ingredients or a lot of processed ingredients
  4. Taste – Gluten Free taste good or lack flavor
  5. Easy Preparation – easy to make and or does it need extra ingredients to be added
  6. Gluten Free Product Line-Is the entire line Gluten Free or are there only a few products or a lot of varieties
  7. Gluten Free Certified – is it Certified Gluten Free or does the product say it’s just Gluten Free and if so is it easy to find on the label