Margaritaville Bar and Grill Navy Pier-Chicago

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November 15, 2015 

Margaritaville Bar and Grill at Navy Pier is a fun place to visit especially if you are a Parrotthead.  You don’t have to go far to enjoy the Parrothead lifestyle. Margaritaville Bar and Grill has videao of Jimmy Buffett and the tailgaiting parties on many screens.  Be careful you may see yourself on there. You have the view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago Skyline. Margaritaville Bar and Grill has indoor seating as well as outdoor seating where you can people watch.  Margaritaville Bar and Grill also has an area in which you can just buy drinks if you do not want to eat but enjoy their PERFECT MARGARITA as you stroll along the pier. They do not have a gluten free menu but they do have gluten free options.  The servers at Margaritaville Bar and Grill are knowledgeable about gluten free options.  We recommend to ask for a manager and or chef.  The chef at Margaritaville Bar and Grill is on top of  preparing  your food in a safe area.  They take food allergies seriously. We had the gluten free Volcano Nachos and gluten free Cheeseburger in Paradise.  Margaritaville Bar and Grill has great salsa for your Volcano Nachos which is gluten free.  The Cheeseburger in Paradise is an amazing burger. It is their signature burger which comes with lettuce, tomato, american cheese, and pickles which we think makes the burger even better. The paradise sauce is a thousand island dressing which they could not confirm that it was gluten free.  We recommend just ketchup and mustard. Margaritaville Bar and Grill offer french fries that are gluten free since they have a separate fryer for them. They serve Heinz ketchup which is gluten free.  If you are bringing the kids down with you, they have alot of choices for them including virgin frozen drinks. You will want to check to see if Margaritaville Bar and Grill can make any of the choices on the kids menu gluten free. Our rating is a 7.0.


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