Hub 51-Chicago

Our Rating:[usr=5.9]
January 24, 2016 

Hub 51 is a Lettuce Entertain You establishment and fun place to dine. Hub 51 has a gluten free menu and has a variety of options. Some of the options include sushi rolls, salads, soft tacos bun-less burgers,a variety of appetizers and entrees. We have eaten at Hub 52 several times. All have not been good times. We enjoy going to their happy hour and had their sushi rolls but the hour was not very happy. One of the times we had gone to Hub 51, we had ordered their tuna and thai basil sushi roll that comes with avocado and wasabi cream. On their regular menu, this roll is an option but has tempura in it. We have had this roll many times so we knew how it should be prepared gluten free. The one time we ordered it, we had started eating it and it had tempura in it. It was to our advantage that we knew how it should be prepared. They did not prepare it correctly and in turn we were sick for about a week. We called the manager over and they were somewhat helpful but as you all know, an apology does not make it better. They are suppose to have procedure on how they submit their gluten free tickets. We had a server that was not “on the ball”. Hub 51 chef’s should have caught the error. We just worry about those that have never eaten there and would assume that their order came out correctly. We definitely suggest talking to a manager and also letting your server know your allergy needs. Hub 51 is one of the restaurants that you really need to be proactive when you order. We have recently gone back after a year and a half which was when that incident had happened. We ordered the arugula caeser salad that come with baby arugula, parmesan and a light lemon dressing. The sushi that we ordered was the tuna and thai basil roll, again, and the spicy shrimp and king crab roll. This time we told the manager about our last time dining at Hub 51 and also the server. The server seemed knowledgeable but we still made sure he knew about our last visit. This time they were very much on top of our order and everything was fine and delicious. We hope that this continues at Hub 51 because we really enjoy their gluten free menu. We suggest you be very cautious when dining here. Our rating is 5.9.


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