Gene & Jude’s Hot Dogs, River Grove, IL

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September 3, 2016 

Gene & Jude’s Hot Dogs, River Grove, IL has been around since 1946. Food Network’s Rachael Ray has named it the No. 1 hot dog in the United States and we certainly agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   If you have ever been to Gene & Jude’s Hot Dogs, you will know the line is always out the door.  It moves fast and is so with the wait!!!!!!   The menu is very simple.  They have hot dogs, double dogs and tamales.  They come with your choice of mustard, onions, relish and hot sport peppers.  They put the french fries, which they cut right there, directly on top of the hot dog and inside the bun.  The hot dog itself is gluten free so you will have to order a naked dog with french fries.  Although they do not have a separate area to prepare the naked dog, they do have a great system in tact.  You need to make sure you tell them you need it gluten free.  They will then change their gloves and pull the paper to wrap the hot dog in from the middle of the pile.  They will make the hot dog separately from the rest of the hot dogs and give you a separate bag.  We have always felt comfortable going there to have our hot dogs.  We usually order extra french fries. The french fries  are the only thing that goes into the fryer so they are gluten free so they are safe to eat and it’s just french fries with salt!!!!!!!!  They have tamales that are not made there but they are gluten free.  We have emailed the manufacturer.  They are just a yellow corn meal shell which goes around ground beef flavored with garlic and seven secret spices.  They are really good and we order those with our hot dogs and fries.  We definitely think this a place you need to go to.  We have been going there for years it is the only the place we go to order a hot dog and fries.  Our rating is 6.0.


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