Freschetta-Gluten Free Pizza

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January 1, 2018 

Freschetta is known for great pizza and now they are known for their great gluten free pizza! The gluten free pizzas are actually certified by the Celiac Product Association. The pizza received the Progressive Grocer’s 2014 New Product Award. The gluten free pizza may be a frozen pizza but you would never know it wasn’t made fresh. It is a thin and crispy pizza that has an amazing taste! We discovered this pizza at the Gluten Free Expo earlier this year. We are so glad we stopped by their booth to take try it as it has become our favorite frozen thin pizza. There are three varieties to choose from. If you are a meat lover you will love the Gluten Free Thin & Crispy Signature Pepperoni Pizza. Premium pepperoni and real mozzarella cheese make this pizza a must for pepperoni lovers. For the cheese lover, there is the the Gluten Free Thin & Crispy 4 Cheese Medley. The four cheeses are the 100% mozzarella cheese, savory asiago cheese, rich fontana cheese, and hearty parmesan cheese. If you don’t want an entire pizza try the single serving pizza. There is the Gluten Free Single Serve Pepperoni Pizza and the Gluten Free Single Serve 4 Cheese Medley Pizza. They are all delicious! You can add your favorite sausage to the pepperoni pizzas to make a meat lovers pizza. You can also add your favorite vegetables to the 4 cheese pizza. If you really love cheese simply add your favorite cheeses to make for a really cheesy pizza. We love how crispy and tasty the crust is. We have served these pizzas to people who are not gluten free and they had no idea the pizza was gluten free. They loved the taste and crispness of the pizza. You can find these pizza in your grocer’s freezer. We suggest going to their website and putting in your location to find the closest location near you as they are a bit hard to find. Our rating is 6.0.







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