Eddie Merlot’s-Burr Ridge, IL-update

Our Rating:[usr=7]
November 12, 2017 

Eddie Merlot’s now has a Gluten Free Menu!!!!!!  It is a very extensive menu with a wide variety of choices. They have appetizers and they have an amazing King Crab and Corn Bisque Soup!!!  In our opinion, soup is the most difficult item to find on a menu that is gluten free!!!   We go there just to have the soup!!!  The rest of the menu consists of salads, a variety of entrees such as steaks, pork and fish with a variety of side dishes.  This is one of the best gluten free menus that we have ever seen and we HIGHLY recommend it. Kudos to Chef Dan for getting a Gluten Free Menu and for making it fabulous!!!!!

Eddie Merlot’s is one of our favorite restaurants.  They do not have a gluten free menu but they have gluten free options.  The staff is educated with their gluten free options.  I suggest that you ask for Chef Dan.  He is always more than willing to come out and explain all your options to you.  He is one of our favorite chefs and always makes dining a wonderful experience.  He will accommodate you as much as he can with your meal choices.  The steaks there are exceptional prime aged steaks. They have a few toppings in which can be made gluten free but that is something that you will want to confirm when you are there.  There are a variety of steaks on the menu to choose from.  Their seafood is also exceptional.  The Sesame Ahi Tuna is great but they will have to make some modifications to the dish.  The soy sauce is not gluten free but if you would like to you can bring your own. They also can make grilled calamari for you as an appetizer.  The sides are great too.  There are many choices that can be gluten free such as the brussels sprouts with onions and diced bacon. That dish does not need any modifications. They have a great happy hour and lounge menu which they can also make some items gluten free.  We trust this restaurant even though there is no gluten free menu.  As always, ask for a manager or the chef. Our rating is 7.0.




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