Deca Lounge-The Ritz Carlton Chicago

Our Rating:[usr=3.2]
August 23, 2015 

The Deca Lounge is a great place to go and have a drink and/or appetizer.  It is on the 12th floor of The Ritz Carlton Chicago.  It is inside lounge that also included a rooftop bar.  The inside has skylights which gives an outdoor feel no matter what time of the year it is.  It has a  lovely art deco-inspired setting with a water fountain in the middle of the lobby.  They offer a large array of wines and cocktails.  They do not have a gluten free menu but they can accommodate you.  We asked for some popcorn and they made it on the stove with oil and also ordered the Local Cheese Board.  They switched the grilled bread with gluten free grilled bread.  The homemade condiments that we had were are all gluten free.  We recommend that you ask for a manager or chef if you are not comfortable with your servers knowledge.  The server we had understood what are request was and also checked with the chef.  They also made sure that the cheese we ordered was gluten free.  It was a great a pairing with the cheese and condiments.  They also had some fruit, dried cranberries and honey walnuts on the board. This is one of our favorite items on the menu.  They can also do the chickpea puree with vegetables instead of the pita.  This is just another one of their items that they can make gluten free. They have quite an extensive bar menu and can make most of the items gluten free.  Our rating is 3.2


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