CUT-Wolfgang Puck-Las Vegas

Our Rating:[usr=6.1]
November 9, 2015 

CUT-Wolfgang Puck Las Vegas is located in the Palazzo Resort Hotel.  CUT has a modern feel unlike a traditional steakhouse.  CUT does not have a gluten free menu but does has gluten free options.  The CUT servers were very knowledgeable about their gluten free options.  CUT’s menu has a wide variety of steak choices and can be made gluten free.  Some of the steaks include true japanese 100% wagyu beef and a variety of aged cuts from various states. CUT has a few steak toppings and sauces that are gluten free.  Check with your server as to which are gluten free.  The appetizer that we had was the American Wagyu Beef Sashimi and was prepared gluten free.  It was delicious!!!!  We had the USDA Prime Illlinois corn fed aged 21 days petite cut filet mignon and the whole sea bass in which they filet tableside.  CUT will prepare it with whatever seasonings you would like.  We also had a side of roasted brussels sprouts which they made gluten free.  We spoke with the general manage at CUT, Gianni Toffanello.  He was always checking on us to make sure everything was fine.  The food and service was amazing.  We felt comfortable at CUT since the general manager and server were always conferring with the chef about the preparation of the food. They also have a great wine list! Our rating is 6.1.


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