COOPER’S HAWK – Burr Ridge, IL-update

Our Rating:[usr=4.4]
June 21, 2016 

We went to Cooper’s Hawk in Burr Ridge this past weekend and it was a debacle.  We have had issues there many times and most recently the last three times we dined there. This past weekend was the last straw.  First, their gluten free menu has an error on it in the restaurant.   They have hummus as a gluten free appetizer but have it with pita bread which is NOT gluten free.  Told the manager about the error and he seemed unaffected by it which really sent us over the edge.  It is a big deal to have the menu correct.  The server that we had that night had no clue as to how to order gluten free. We advise you to take great caution when dining at Cooper’s Hawk Burr Ridge.  We have also had issues at some of the other locations with the servers.  You need to be cautious when and if you dine there.  We were so aggravated by their lack of commitment for those with a food allergy that we both even cancelled our wine club membership. Our rating is 4.4.

Cooper’s Hawk is one of our favorite restaurants.  They have good gluten free food and good wine.  They have a wine of the month club which you can join for free and get a bottle or two bottles every month. Their gluten free menu offers a variety of dishes.  From appetizers, salads, sandwiches, chicken, seafood and steaks.  For your sweet tooth they offer a gluten free brownie with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and vanilla sauces. Some of our favorite dishes are the one appetizer called Mexican Drunken Shrimp.  It is bacon-wrapped shrimp with a tequila lime butter sauce and fresh guacamole.  For seafood lovers, the Seared Salmon is spectacular.  It is salmon with wasabi-buttered potatoes and asparagus.  For steak lovers the filet mignon is prepared with steak butter, broccoli florets and your choice of a side. Their roasted vegetables and jasmine rice are a great compliment to the steak. They say they make their own candies and the dark chocolate truffle is gluten free and amazing. Also their chocolate covered strawberries are great.  As always, it is best to ask for a manager when ordering or if you just have questions about the dish. Our rating is 6.8.



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