The Clubhouse-Oak Brook, IL

Our Rating:[usr=5.9]
May 1, 2016 

The Clubhouse-Oak Brook, IL  offers upscale american comfort food.  They have a gluten free menu that offers a variety of dishes to choose from.  For an appetizer we had  their Carrpaccio of Portobello Mushroom which is thinly sliced portobello, mushroom, parmesan cheese, goat cheese cream, balsamic glaze and sweet and sour onion.  It reminded us of a thin mushroom pizza.  It is creative and we really enjoyed this appetizer.  For an entree we had Ahi Tuna which came with a white rice that had tropical fruit and crab meat combined on top of it and also sliced mushrooms. For our side we had Steamed Asparagus with herb aioli.  For meat lovers they have a Hand Cut Delmonico Ribeye.  You can add a topping of either blue cheese butter, roasted wild mushrooms (no glaze) or roasted garlic. Then for desert we ordered the Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee. The food was amazing but unfortunately we can not say the same for the service.  The server that we had was not knowledgeable about gluten free options.  He told me a few different things which made me uncomfortable so I decided to go directly to the source, The Chef.  He then helped me out with how the dished could be prepared.  We enjoyed our meal after the Chef  helped us with the order.  We think the food at The Clubhouse-Oak Brook, IL  is great but you need to speak directly to the Chef in our opinion. We also spoke to the manager on our way out to to let her know what our experience was like.  She apologized and said that they do take allergies  seriously.  It could have just been the waiter that we had but we expressed to the manager that they need to train their staff better on food allergies. We would definitely go back again but would speak to the Manager and Chef before ordering. They also have an amazing wine list if that is your drink of choice. Our rating is 5.9.


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