Capri-Burr Ridge, IL

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October 2, 2016 

Capri Ristorante, Burr Ridge, IL is a family old Italian Restaurant.  They use the finest fresh quality food and the atmosphere reminds you of an old Italian Restaurant.  They DO NOT  have a gluten free menu and they do not offer many gluten free dishes.  You can get a gluten free pasta and some of the fish can be made gluten free.  They can make you grilled calamari gluten free. You will definitely need to talk to your server as  some of them are knowledgeable about gluten free food. We also recommend that you  ask for a manager to make sure that the foods that they do prepare for you have the least amount of cross-contamination as possible.  We did love the calamari and the gluten free pasta was good.  At least you have a few choices if you go there.  The salmon can be prepared very plain with just some oil and pepper.  They do not recommend their seasonings just salt, pepper and oil.  They do have a great wine list for you to choose from.  There is no gluten free bread so if you would like bread with the oil and cheese we suggest you bring your own.  They have a nice enclosed patio and also some outside seating.  Our rating is 2.5.


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