Biaggi’s-Naperville, IL

Our Rating:[usr=6.9]
January 29, 2016 

Biaggi’s Naperville is a casual Italian Restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere that lends to a fabulous dining experience. They have an amazing gluten free menu. There is a variety of appetizers,salads, pizza, pasta, seafood, steaks and desserts. You can also order gluten free bread which is like a flatbread. It is one of the best gluten free breads. They make it to order and it comes out nice and hot. The servers are very knowledgeable about allergies and they take them very seriously. We asked for a manager when we went to Biaggi’s Naperville. He was more than happy explaining to us how they prepare the gluten free food separately and with clean utensils. Although Biaggi’s Naperville does not have a separate kitchen, they make sure that your meal is prepared in a safe area. We had the Seared Salmon Salad which has mixed greens, fennel seed, black peppercorn-crusted salmon, red onion, cherry tomatoes, capers, feta cheese and lemon vinaigrette. For dessert they have Creme Brulee, Sorbet and Gelato. We had the Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Gelato and an amazing cup of their special Biaggi’s Roasted Coffee. We really enjoyed dining at Biaggi’s and plan to eat our way through their gluten free menu. Biaggi’s has a club where you can receive the latest news, recipes and special offers. It is called Club Biaggi’s so we suggest you sign up! Our rating is 6.9.


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