Allium Chicago

Our Rating:[usr=6.7]
January 11, 2016 

Allium is in the Four Season Hotel Chicago.  It is one of our favorite restaurants.  They have an amazing gluten free menu.  The chef is always happy to come out and speak with you regarding your dietary and allergy needs.  The staff at the Allium is very knowledgeable about their gluten free menu.  They also double check with the chef to make sure that your foods is prepared in a safe area.  Allium is a beautiful restaurant and great for special occasions or to just have a drink.  The bar at the Allium is in a separate room off the dining area.  The Allium has a nice fireplace which adds to the ambiance.  The food is made with locally sourced ingredients.  We have eaten at the Allium for lunch and dinner in the past and we have always been pleased with the food and the service.  Most of all, we have always felt comfortable dining at the Allium. Our most recent time at the Allium was around the holidays for their holiday tea which they call Not Your Aunt Sally’s High Tea.  They have a regular tea and a gluten free tea.  The Allium switches out the breads with gluten free bread and the desserts are decadent.  The Allium is the only gluten free tea that we have ever found.  The Allium teas are also gluten free.  The manager double checked when we were there.  The Allium is the most accommodating restaurant that we have been to.  They are always happy to help with anything you need. Our rating is 6.7.


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