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Stacey_FotiasHi! My name is Stacey. I have had celiac disease for many years but I was not diagnosed until 5 years ago. As I am sure for many of you out there, you have been battling with fatigue, nausea, stomach distention and many other symptoms for many years and have had many tests that come back with one conclusion….nothing. The medical community has come a long way with diagnosing celiac disease. I have had many tests done and re-done with still no answers. It became very frustrating for doctors to tell me that it was all in my head and that I was fine. We all know that it is not the case. I was fortunate to have a friend that is a nurse and her husband who is a GI doctor. I was telling her my symptoms and she recommended that I keep a journal of what I had to eat that day. I started to do that and noticed that whenever I came into contact with wheat it was a “bad” day. Not to say that the others were good but those days were exceptionally bad. After a few weeks of this I showed my girlfriend my journal. She mentioned celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. I then looked at websites for gluten free diets and also diets for Chron’s Disease. They have similar dietary restrictions. There were not many foods out there that were gluten free and if there were they were “really bad”. I found some celiac websites and started to learn more about what I thought I might have. They talked about autoimmune diseases that come with having celiac disease. I started to fit the profile. I have had hypothyroidism for over 20 years and about 4 years ago found out that I was B12 deficient. I take 2 injections every month. I am not a needle person so let’s say it was very difficult. My friend was patient and taught me how to give myself the shot but I was not a good patient at first. I found out some things about what to eat but most of it was trial and error……not fun!!!! I ate a pretty bland diet. I never knew that there was gluten in so many products. My sister found a monthly class at Whole Foods and we started going to that. She does not need to eat gluten free but is my biggest supporter. I also found some magazines that talk about being celiac. I know it is not a death sentence but it has been very challenging. Until this day there are always new things that I learn. I went to a GI doctor and they did all those fun scoping tests on you.  Needless to say eating at home has gotten easier, it’s eating out that is a nightmare. It is still very challenging even if they have a gluten free menu and that is why my sister and I started this website. I can now enjoy good food, wine, liquor and feel safe eating and drinking again!!!


Hi! My name is Lynne. I am not gluten free or do I have celiac disease but I maintain a gluten free lifestyle. I see firsthand my sister Stacey’s frustration when dining out and shopping which is why I am joining Stacey in an effort to bring awareness to people living with someone that is either gluten intolerant or has celiac disease. I am a “Big Foodie” and even I enjoy eating gluten free. I have a passion for food and cooking and enjoy traveling and trying new restaurants. I enjoy talking to the owners and chefs who have adopted a gluten free menu. I choose to live a gluten free lifestyle and as a result I feel healthier. I also love to shop and find new gluten free products to try. My favorite television network is the Food Network and I find it fun and challenging to transform all of the talented chef’s dishes by making them gluten free. I also like finding and trying new recipes on the various gluten free websites. My background is very diverse. I am a former award-winning television anchor/reporter and I currently work as business consultant and have a vast amount of experience in public relations, marketing and sales. Good gluten free food, good wine and good friends make life fabulous! Cheers!